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Accu-Chek Go

Interactive Demo


Accu-Chek Go test strips for people who want more.

Easy blood application.
Accu-Chek Go test strips quickly attract and absorb a small blood drop with the help of the capillary fill function.

  • You need just 1.5 micro litres of blood.
  • The test strip expiry warning offers additional convenience and safety.
  • The system indicates if more blood is needed and enables re-dosing within 15 seconds.

Under-dosing detection.
The system indicates if more blood is needed.

Re-dosing capability.
With the Accu-Chek Active test strip in-meter re-dosing is possible within 5 seconds.

Advice: When you take a test strip from the vial make sure you close it immediately afterwards to preserve strip quality.


Accu-Chek Go 3-dimensional view

  • Hygienic test strip ejector. You have no direct contact with the test strip thanks to the automatic push-button ejector.
  • Fast test time. The blood glucose test takes approximately 5 seconds.
  • Hypo-warning feature. You have the choice of 3 different hypo thresholds. If a blood glucose value is below the set limit, the meter will give you an audio signal as well as a flashing "hypo?" icon.
  • Target range. The target range feature allows you to set your personal upper and lower limit. Ask your doctor to advise you what the best target range is for your blood glucose results.
  • Alarm function. Its programmable alarm functions help you remember to test your blood sugar.
  • Strip expiry warning. The meter has a strip expiry warning which tells you when strips have expired.
  • Under-dose detection. It offers under-dosing control and re-dosing within 15 seconds is possible.
  • Data transfer. The meter has an infrared port enabling you to download stored test results to a computer with Accu-Chek Smart Pix device.
  • Automatic coding. The code chip programs the meter automatically and updates selected meter features as valuable technological upgrades become available.


How to use


Test strip with a flashing blood dropTest strip
Hour glass symbolHourglass
"Left pointing" buttonLeft arrow
"Right pointing" buttonRight arrow


Testing Blood Glucose.
Insert a test strip into the meter to turn the meter on.

Verify the code number which is displayed. A test strip with a flashing blood drop appears indicating the meter is ready to perform a blood glucose test.

Hold the meter so that the test strip is pointing downwards. As soon as you touch the end of the test strip with your blood drop it will be absorbed. The hour glass symbol is displayed and the meter beeps. After approximately 5 seconds, the result is displayed. The meter automatically saves up to 300 results in memory together with the date, time and averages.

Flagging special results.
You can flag special results as long as they are being displayed, e.g., results obtained from alternative site testing or after exercise, with an asterisk. Press the or the button repeatedly until the asterisk is displayed.

Ejecting the test strip.
To eject the test strip hold the meter above a waste bin and push the test strip ejector forward as far as it will go towards the test strip guide.

In addition to fingertip testing, the Accu-Chek Go can be used for testing on alternative sites, including the palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh or calf.1 Alternative site testing requires the use of a special lancet cap.

For more information on how to use your meter, please see your Accu-Chek Go Owner’s Booklet.

1 Talk with your doctor to decide whether alternative site testing is right for you.

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  • Accu-Chek Softclix lancets
    The Accu-Chek lancet has a tapered 3-sided cut with optimised angles that contribute to a virtually friction-free and especially gentle skin penetration.
  • Accu-Chek Go Control solution
    Running a control test with the Control solution helps ensure your meter and test strips are working properly. This can be purchased in your local pharmacy.
  • Owner’s Booklet
    Find any information concerning your meter in the Owner’s Booklet.
  • Quick Reference Guide
    The Quick Reference Guide contains quick and easy steps to help you get going with your blood glucose monitoring.
  • Hard carry-case
    Protect your meter and keep everything in one convenient location. The Accu-Chek Go hard carry-case stores the meter plus all the required testing supplies, including test strips, lancing device and extra lancets.
  • Battery
    The Accu-Chek Go meter runs with one standard battery of type CR 2032.
  • AST cap
    With the help of the AST cap placed on the lancing device you can obtain blood from alternative sites such as – the palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh or calf. For more information, click here.
  • Accu-Chek 360° View
    Accu-Chek 360° View is an easy-to understand, paper-based blood glucose analysis tool following the idea of structured testing. It turns glucose data into actionable health information enabling you to integrate the glucose readings into your daily life and allowing your physician to evaluate and adapt therapy. Download here as a pdf.
  • Accu-Chek Smart Pix
    The Accu-Chek Smart Pix is a plug-and-play device which can be used to analyse blood glucose levels and therapy data from your Accu-Chek meter. The analyses are displayed on a computer in the form of various, specifiable reports. The Accu-Chek Smart Pix does not require any software installation and can be operated in 36 languages. To find out more, click here.

Accu-Chek ActiveAccu-Chek Active

More Meter for your Money! – The Accu-Chek Active meter helps to ensure reliable results at every time. Its built-in diabetes management tools assist you to keep on track.

PerformaAccu-Chek Performa

The meter that thinks for itself! – The Accu-Chek Performa offers great performance due to its intelligent safety checks. Its technology enables a precise interaction of meter, test strip and safety chip.

Accu-Chek 360° View

Accu-Chek 360° View is an easy-to understand, paper-based blood glucose analysis tool following the idea of structured testing. It turns glucose data into actionable health information enabling you to integrate the glucose readings into your daily life and allowing your physician to evaluate and adapt therapy.

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